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Auto Repair Services


Have you ever experienced going to a repair shop and was not able to have your repairs because they are too busy and have no time for you? What if they don't cater to the necessary repairs that your car needs or don't have the equipment that could fix your car? Why do you want to undergo the stress when you can easily call and make an appointment with Xpress Lube and Brakes?

We strive to offer the best service available. When you come to us for repair service, you can expect our
associates to...

  • Meet and greet you with enthusiasm
  • Clearly understand your service request
  • Supply you with a copy of your vehicle's original equipment maintenance schedule
  • Give you a clear explanation and estimate of the auto repair services that is matched to the symptoms you describe
  • Provide a clear explanation and estimate of the steps needed to repair your vehicle properly
  • Provide you with fast, expert car repair service
  • Ensure your vehicle is ready when promised

Understanding Dashboard
Indicator Lights
Your dashboard can be as confusing as it is helpful. It may be difficult to understand which icons are urgent and which are just helpful reminders. Luckily, Xpress Lube & Brakes has the answers.


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