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Car Battery Installation

The battery is one of the most components parts of your vehicle. After all, if its fails, so does everything else. Stay in charge with proper battery maintenance and replacement.

Electrical System Warning Signs

  • Your engine doesn't crank or cranks slowly
  • You have to jump start your vehicle to get it running
  • Your dashboard warning lights stay on even when the engine is running
  • Some electrical components or accessories aren't functioning
  • Your battery terminals show corrosion
  • Your fuses keep blowing or are missing


For full details and policy guidelines please visit the Interstate Battery Warranty Information page.

Battery Testing

A no cost battery check will give you with a fullevaluationshowing the state of charge and life span of your battery.
  • Our state-of-art computerized diagnostic test
  • A printout of the results* and a walkthrough of your service options.

Battery Installation

Let Xpress Lube & Brakes technician ensure the correctset up of your vehicle's battery for optimumeffectiveness and long battery life.
  • Battery test
  • Installation
  • Cleaning battery tray
  • terminal posts
  • Installation of anti-corrosion felt washers
  • Coating terminals with protectant
  • Starting & charging system evaluation

Starting / Charging System Evaluation

A complete assessment of today's complex electrical systems can save you time and money by ensuring optimum functionality.

  • Computerized Battery test
  • Alternator and starter system analysis
  • Verification that system voltage exists at all alternator and starter points
  • Installation of anti-corrosion felt washers & terminal protectant

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